Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Object Lesson | Fear Pushes God Out

Source (Where I saw it): Original (This went along with the story of David and Goliath)

Supplies: Glass of water, sand, bowl/pan/something to catch water

Preparation: Fill a glass with water and place it in a pan or something to catch the water that will fall out

The object lesson & how I used it...

Main Point: Don’t let fear stop what God wants to do in you!

Illustration: Come to the front and show the kids the glass of water.  Explain that God wants all of us, and when we give ourselves to Him we are able to see all the great things He has planned for us.  Sometimes though either life, or sometimes even the plan God has for us can be scary.  David must have been a little scared when he fought Goliath!  But just like David we can’t let fear stop us from allowing God have all of us.  Then pour some of the sand in the glass.  

Explanation:  At this point some of the water will be pushed up and out of the glass.  When we let fear stop us and fill us we are missing out on what God wanted for us.  The Israelites where satisfied just living in fear of Goliath and were missing out on what God had for them.  David refused to let fear push out what God had for his life!  In our life, whatever our fear is, we can’t allow that to fill our life.  We need to trust that God is bigger than our fears, and has a plan that is greater for our lives.

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