Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Object Lesson | Limbo

Source (Where I saw it):

Supplies: Some kind of stick for limbo

Preparation: None

The object lesson & how I used it...

Main Point: Temptation is a choice!  If we learn to trust God in the small things then it will be easier to trust God in the big things!

Illustration: Choose some of the students to do the limbo.  As it gets harder and harder the kids will have trouble getting under the bar.  At one point put the bar so low that it is impossible to go under without touching the bar.  Explain to the children that just like when the game starts out it is very easy to get under the limbo bar, but as the game progress it gets harder and harder.  This is just like life.  If we don't learn to give our situations to God now, then when we face what seems like impossible tasks we will have an even harder time trusting God.  As you get older you will have harder and harder choices to make, and it will be harder to stay on the path God has for you, so learn now to trust God with your decisions! (This is a great object lesson to transition to some sort of personal story of choosing God's will over your own and then to an altar call)

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