Monday, August 19, 2013

Object Lesson | Lollipop Grab

Source (Where I saw it): Original

Supplies:  Some lollipops

Preparation: None

The object lesson & how I used it...

Main Point: Don’t wait to act!

Illustration:  Walk up to the front and ask the kids if they like lollipops.  Then go in front of a few kids and offer the lollipop, but just as they reach out pull it away.  Do this a few times, and then let someone grab it.  One or two kids may try to tackle it out of your hands which can end up being good for the explanation.

Explanation:  You see boys and girls, I wanted someone to act, and to act now!  The kids that acted got a lollipop.  Some of you even tried to tackle me for the sugary goodness!  Can you imagine if we all jumped all over the opportunities God placed in our lives like that!  How many amazing things could we do if we trusted God!?  Too many times we hesitate when we hear God tell us to be nice to someone, or to invite someone to church, or to help someone, etc.  We could be missing out on an amazing opportunity for God to use us to make a huge impact!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Object Lesson | Dominos

Source (Where I saw it): Original

Supplies:  Some dominos

Preparation: Setup a little track of some of the dominos ready to be pushed over and cause a chain reaction of them all falling.

The object lesson & how I used it...

Main Point: Don’t wait to act!

Illustration:  Walk up to the front and ask the kids if they have ever played with dominos before.  See how many have ever set up a line or curves to make them fall.  Then ask someone if they want to be the person to knock down the first one.  Just point to the child, and if they don’t run up there after 2 seconds, stop them and tell them never mind and choose someone else.  Choose another child and do the same thing.  You have to be quick here though.  If no child acts quickly enough, before you choose another person explain that you have to act quickly!  Once a child runs up and causes the chain reaction explain.

Explanation:  You see boys and girls, I wanted someone to act, and to act now!  That person got to start a chain reaction of the dominos.  In our lives there are times that God puts opportunities in front of us to act on that could cause a chain reaction!  We have to act on them!  Maybe its to help someone who dropped their books at school, which leads you to invite them to church, and then they give their heart to God, and they end up telling their friends about God!  You can have a huge impact in the world around you by becoming aware of what God has put in front of you and acting!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Object Lesson | Puzzler

Source (Where I saw it): Original

Supplies:  Two Puzzles

Preparation: Remove most of the pieces of the puzzle, leaving only 2 or 3 pieces inside the box.

The object lesson & how I used it...

Main Point: We need to give God our all!

Illustration:  Walk up to the front and ask for one person from each side to play a game.  The idea of the game is who can put together their puzzle the fastest.  The winning person will get a prize.  Then hand each volunteer a puzzle and say go!  Once they open it up and see only a few pieces they will be confused.  Stop the game and ask them what is wrong.  Of course!  There are tons of pieces missing!  Ask the two volunteers to have a seat.

Explanation:  Show the kids the 3 pieces and explain that this is what many people do with God.  They want God to build a picture of their lives, but then only hand over 3 pieces.  It is impossible to see the complete picture of a puzzle with only 3 pieces, and in the same way we can’t see all of the plan has for us if we don’t give up every single area of our life to Him!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Object Lesson | Transformers

Source (Where I saw it): Original

Supplies:  A transformer action figure, preferably an auto bot.

Preparation: Start with the transformer in the “car” position.

The object lesson & how I used it...

Main Point: The Holy Spirit transforms us!

Illustration:  Who has ever seen transformers?  Who has any of the toys?  The cool thing about transformers, particularly the auto bots, is that they start out as cars, trucks, and other cool vehicles.  Now when the bad guys come to destroy the world do they stay as cars?  Nope!  They transform into warriors!  Now they can still do a bunch of cool stuff as cars like drive fast and pull things, but they would be seriously missing out on some awesomeness if they stayed a car!

Explanation:  That’s what the Holy Spirit is all about.  When Jesus went back to heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit to be with us.  Jesus was a person and could only be in some many places, but when God sent his Spirit to be with us, he can be everywhere and with everyone.  When we ask for God to baptize us in his Holy Spirit we are opening ourselves to all that God has for us.  The Holy Spirit transforms us!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Object Lesson | Car That Can’t Go

Source (Where I saw it): Original

Supplies:  Toy Car, Play-Doh or something that can gunk it up.

Preparation: None.

The object lesson & how I used it...

Main Point: When we don’t forgive it stops you from loving!

Illustration: Show the kids the toy car and ask if any of them have ever had a toy car.  Ask them what their favorite thing to do toy cars.  It is so much fun to race the cars and make them go fast.  Now what happens if in the wheels we gunk it up with play doh?  The wheels don’t spin very well, and it has a hard time moving.  Are you going to be able to win any kind of race with this car?  Probably not.

Explanation: Forgiveness can be the same way.  Let’s imagine for a moment that we are the car.  As this car we are able to race around and share the love that God has for us with other people.  Now all of a sudden when people hurt our feelings and bring pain to our life, it is like getting all that play doh jammed up in the wheels.  We now have a choice.  We can leave that stuff in their where it will harden and get harder and harder to remove, or we can get it out.  With people we have to forgive, because if we don’t, we lose our ability to share God’s love.